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Who are we?

Synesion is a Swiss company based in Nyon.
To lead a transformation and its related challenges successfully requires specific competences.

Experience makes a difference

Each member of our team has extensive and proven experience of leading and managing transformations.

Thanks to the complementary skills and profiles of our team members, we can address a broad range of situations and challenges, and manage complex initiatives and their different dimensions.

We have the capacity to partner with your leadership team as well as with your operational and expert teams, covering different functional areas such as IS/IT, digital and HR.

Our team includes both internal resources and independant associates, which allows us to tailor our response to your needs.

I enjoy taking on difficult challenges, designing strategies, resolving complex situations and completing initiatives that have real value for organisations.

The CEO's message

Whether you are changing your business model or business processes, seeking to expand your service lines or seeking efficiency, your transformation will inevitably include a technological component. Yet the challenge of transformations, irrespective of their technological component, is that their success depends mostly on key factors that are not technological.  

My approach is based on an appreciation that many transformations and projects in the digital domain face multiple obstacles of a quite different nature. Organisational complexities, changes in priorities, human factors, political stakes, resistance to change and change fatigue are just a few of the frequently encountered challenges that can derail a transformation initiative. Expertise in technology or methodology is not enough to successfully deliver, let alone to ensure that such initiatives really do bring an added value to the organisation. Yet these are the types of expertise that organisations mostly focus on. The need for a transversal approach and for coherence between initiatives is often overlooked or underestimated.

The various situations I have faced or observed over the years have taught me that organisations strongly benefit from approaching transformational initiatives in a more holistic manner, with a transversal set up and skills, able to interact at various levels of the organisation. I would even go further : this approach is necessary to avoid wasting energy and resources or ending up with partial or total failure.

There is no magic recipe. To lead and design a transformation is an art as much as a science. It demands an ability to adapt to the situation, to leverage the strengths of the organisation, to compensate its weaknesses, seize opportunities and mitigate risks. It also requires avoiding the pitfalls, persuading, leading and reassuring teams as they journey along an untravelled path. To succeed in a transformation, every aspect should be considered : leadership, political context, organisational model, culture, competences, project management techniques, flexible approach capable of adapting to change. Without of course losing sight of the goal !

I have experienced repeatedly how for a leader, a manager, a head of project, to lead a transformation is a solitary endeavor. It is a huge challenge to successfully manage every aspect of a transformation. More still if he or she also has to manage daily operations.

This is why I believe strong, competent support is essential. And this is what we provide.

My Career Path

I am a London Business School Sloan Fellow in Leadership and Strategy, CIO and experienced head of programmes. I have over 20 years’ experience in strategic initiatives and international transformational projects in various environments including healthcare, IT services, startups, international organisations and NGOs.

I was granted several awards and distinctions by London Business School including the exceptional Sloan 50th anniversary award “granted to an outstanding candidate with the perspective and capacity to impact on the international community by generating innovative solutions with exceptional leadership.”

I love to explore new territories and to tackle difficult projects. It is an aspiration and a state of mind.

Outside of work, I lead expeditions to some of the most remote areas of the Earth, including to Siberia’s most extreme North-Eastern region. I am also a writer, and the author of a prize winning travel book (Prix Pierre Loti).  

Kim Nguyen Minh Hoang, CEO and founder